Sun arise once again

Knowing it's all mundane
And I wake up every morning
Drag myself to shower away the dirty heart that aches

As I finished my plate
The dish with scraps I dazed
Realizing that this distorted filth
Is cleaner than this soul that's filled Stained forever ashamed

You know as time passes by
And every fall flowers die
Each and every little petals
That falls one by one
Portray my loves that have fallen decayed

Gonna be, gonna be, stronger
Gotta be, gotta be...

I believe that this feeling I ponder
makes me just wanna drown myself with grass and red water
Relive all the tears from my eyes
Endure all the pain that I carried engraved on
My heart that doesn't wanna let go
All the pain, all the pain, all of the pain

Recognized all the wrongs that I found
Jaded minds, shallow souls all around me that I don't need
Crucified by the decisions that I must face
With all the pain, with all the pain, war
Strangled by extortion, for what?
Like sky like fading into thin air
Desolation I will linger on with this feelings
I need to go... Good-bye

    youjeen god bye

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